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Paradesa Properties

Where dreams come true.
Paradesa Properties seeks excellence in property investment management in Spain. Our job is to know the wishes of our customers and provide, from confidentiality and discretion, a purchase and investment service of all types of exclusive properties with maximum guarantees.
Spain is currently one of the countries with the best opportunities to make investments given the opportunities it offers in quality, price and location. The growth of 2.6% of GDP in 2018, went to 2% in 2019 showing a certain deceleration (IMF), however, despite the decline, the Spanish economy continues to grow in an unfavorable European environment.
A downward price stabilization is expected in the real estate market at the end of 2019 and throughout 2020, becoming a very attractive country for foreign investors from other markets, some consolidated and other emerging, which provide for GDP growth which can exceed 7%.
Finding the most interesting assets for buyers is our job. Trust us.

Country Estates & Residences

Finding special assets from another place in the world is simple with Paradesa Properties.
The offer in Spain is very extensive and making sure to invest time and money wisely and with guarantees, requires professional help. If we add the wide offer that the most exclusive properties are not advertised for confidentiality issues, the game gets complicated. That is why this special department was devised, to expressly devote itself to the wishes of each client.
There are country estates with wine production, wineries, livestock and horse farms. Luxury residences, mansions and villas in cities and in the countryside. The most interesting for its high profitability, beauty or sustainability, maybe they are not even for sale, maybe they are but nobody knows. We enter in a very exclusive world where discretion comes first.
Our job is to listen to the clients and perform the most appropriate search according to their wishes in a timely manner, to have the best selection of properties, organizing visits and gathering the relevant information to have the optimal purchase guarantees.

Natalia Ábalos

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